Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Driveway Day 4


Day 4 saw the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle laid. All that's left to do is some saw cuts tomorrow. Darren, the concreter is not happy with the top piece and will have the lot coated with sealer in a few weeks. If the cracks still show, he is going to rip that section out and re-do it at his expense. He is very particular with his work. Time will tell how it holds up.

Driveway Day 3


Part 2 of the driveway was delivered today. We have a small problem with the top part poured yesterday showing some hairline cracks. Our concreter is not happy so part 2 pour was with a special concrete which has fibres in the cement. He said when it's sealed the cracks may disappear but if I'm not happy with it he will take it out and do that section again. I'm a bit disappointed but lets see what happens.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Driveway Day 2


Day 2 of the driveway saw the top section concreted and forming up of the next section. It's looking good and the colour matches the roof.

Driveway. Yipee!


Today is my darling wife's birthday and she received a bonus present. The concreter's arrived and started to form up the driveway. I have been waiting 9 weeks for this particular person as his work is excellent hence the wait time. The posi-track operator knew how to drive one of those things and his eye for levels was amazing. They plan to pour tomorrow and the colour we chose was Woodland which is very similar to Jasper, the colour of our roof.

Cutting the gutter was a challenge

A bit of a slope

Top section formwork

More formwork

Street Plaque


Two weeks ago I was going through some paperwork and found the voucher for the plaque that MJH gave us. It arrived today and it looks great. 10 mins to drills some holes and get it level and it was done. Very happy.

Solar Panels Installed


Our Solar panels were installed today. It's a 3 kw system with 12 panels through Energy Australia. The Technician told me when the sun is out, use your appliances as the Government rebate is virtually nothing. Our power usage so far is very little and I'm looking forward to a power bill for once.

The panels are quite large

Finished product

Boys Pictures then a Storm


My wife had some pictures framed to hang in their bedrooms. Being a steel frame, it makes things a little harder to attach. After this was completed a quite spectacular storm roared through. Welcome to Summer.
Oliver's room

Isaac's room

Here comes the storm
Nature can be very spectacular